Strategy and market analysis.

We offer You strategies built on the basis of multidimensional analytical data sets.


Everything starts with data.  Its proper analysis in combination with advanced technology allows the automation of processes for managing long-term B2B relationships.

atventure - strategia i analiza rynku programów motywacyjnych

We created tens of strategies based on the analysis of our own or external data sets with the purpose of implementing, closing or re-engineering of existing loyalty and motivational programs.  Thanks to our unique ability of observing market effects we analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of activities carried out on the basis of submitted recommendations.


Analytical tools and data visualization help find and understand the sense in the behaviors of buyers and dealers.  Thanks to that the created strategies make full use of the data potential, while communication activities are matched to individual sets of participants. This results in a competitive advantage which allows to shift focus from the competition’s price towards added value.


Thanks to our unique analytical ability we enable deepening the possessed data, understand them and discover regularities which are not visible without the use of advanced analytical techniques.  Associative rules, clustering, predictive models are the most commonly used analyses allowing to understand the attitudes and buying behaviors of program participants.  In consequence we know not only what participants buy and why but also what to do in order to keep them buying and how to motivate them to increase the value and frequency of their purchases.

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